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Dr Zukowski and his staff at the Zukowski Center are renowned worldwide for being the best in FFS Facial Feminization Surgery. Based in Chicago America, Mark Zukowski is recognized within the transgender community as being the best.Dr. Zukowski has been at the forefront of endoscopic plastic surgery minimal scar techniques for over 24 years and he has taught these procedures to surgeons throughout the world. While in the US Navy paying back a military scholarship debt, he met one of the three inventors of endoscopic plastic surgery techniques who mentored him in this field. Only a handful of surgeons in the world can make the claim of performing endoscopic plastic surgery techniques since May of 1993, and none besides Dr. Zukowski do FFS. We are the only FFS center in the world that performs both the soft tissue and aggressive three dimensional bone recontouring of the forehead frontal bone using endoscopic techniques. Endoscopic techniques are the standard of care in surgery today. Would you want your gallbladder removed thru a traditional 12 inch "open" incision or thru three half inch endoscopic incisions?  Would you want to have your knee surgery done thru a traditional 6 to 8 inch "open" incision or thru a series of endoscopic stab marks? Change is slow to plastic surgery and the people that say that endoscopic techniques do not work simply cannot do them. The thousands of patients that Dr. Zukowski has performed these techniques upon are testaments to the effectiveness of this procedure. These are not your grandfathers feminization techniques!

The latest in endoscopic technical innovations are meshed with gold standard techniques to give you a better, less invasive results that avoids traditional complications. Open, more invasive procedures can be performed by any board certified plastic surgeon, but these techniques carry built-in complications regardless of the surgeon that performs them. Longer scars, permanent hair loss, numbness and abnormal sensitivity to the scalp, and a lifetime of sinus headaches and runny noses are just a few of the proven forehead complications associated with "open" more invasive techniques. These occur regardless of who the surgeon is. If you like playing russian roulette as they relate to complications, then open forehead techniques are perfect for you. That is why the entire field of surgery worldwide has shifted to endoscopic techniques. If you do not believe me, then talk to my patients about their experiences with open techniques performed by other surgeons that I have revised.

Dr Zukowski and his staff at the Zukowski Center are renowned worldwide for being the best in FFS Facial Feminization Surgery. Based in Chicago America, Mark Zukowski is recognized within the transgender community as being the best.We deliver outcomes that you can trust and 65% of our practice is gender related. With over 20 years of experience working with non-genetic female anatomy, we understand how to best give you the face and body that even your sister, mother, cousins and aunts will be envious of. We insure that your cosmetic surgery procedure is a pleasant, life altering experience that you will share with friends and family. And best of all – Dr. Zukowski stands behind his work 100%. There are no hidden surgical, general or local anesthesia, or facility fees if any touch-ups are required. We offer fair prices for the high quality of work we perform. This peace of mind is critical, especially in this economy. In a bad economy, many surgeons have increased their prices to ridiculous figures to make up for lost business. Surgeons who would have thrown you out of their practices a few years ago are suddenly doing FFS procedures. Even if you go to the top traditional plastic surgeons in the world, only 10 to 12% of plastic surgeons cosmetic patients are genetic males according to the 2012 American Society of Plastic Surgeons statistics. Face and body feminization is a big leap of faith in your surgeons skills so don't make the mistake many patients do in spending their hard earned money on unproven outcomes of the "learning curve". If you want to look your best as a woman in general society, or if you can't transition but want to look your best in both boy and girl personas, then you have come to the right place. Don't ask me, ask my patients.

Please review our photo gallery with over 175 patient photos. Once you compare us to the rest, you'll see why most consider us the best. Don't hesitate to ask our staff for past patients contact details. A number of patients are happy to talk about their surgical experiences and then you'll know why you want to be a Z-girl. Your complimentary consultation is just a click away - make the best investment that you can make in this economy - in yourself!