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Combining Procedures

Depending upon your unique needs, anatomy, and general health, we are able to offer a subset of patients the ability to combine other procedures with FFS. This typically consists of doing either a breast augmentation (BAM) with your FFS or some may choose to do body feminization that consists of the Brazilian Butt Lift with their FFS. This procedure combines traditional and ultrasonic liposculpting of the abdomen, flanks, and back with large volume fat grafting to the buttocks and hips. We have offered our patients combined procedures with a 100% safety record at our AAAHC accredited state of the art facility since our inception. Some people choose to have full FFS as a first stage procedure and follow nine to 12 months after with body feminization consisting of a breast augmentation with the latest generation FDA approved and full warranty saline or silicone implants combined with the Brazilian Butt lift. Micrograft hair grafting can be also performed at this stage to compliment the first stage brow feminization and scalp advancement and give you the perfectly feminine hairline. Any secondary fat grafts can be performed at no cost. Your complete transformation short of SRS can be performed in less than a year. We call this our Phoenix Program. It allows you to set a transition timeline with fixed costs that are discounted due to combined procedures. Ask us to refer you to patients having had a combination of procedures similar to the one you are seeking. Remember we stand behind our work 100% and any revisions if necessary, are done at no cost to you for surgery, anesthesia, or facility.