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Operative Complications

I stand behind my work as close to 100% as you can get.  This is cosmetic plastic surgery of the highest technical difficulty and precision.  Different people heal differently, not all people follow directions to optimize the surgical results, but nobody ever leaves my operating room unless my staff and I are 100% satisfied with the technical results of your surgery.  I do every aspect of your surgery personally.  I will advise you beforehand if this is not the case such as with hair transplantation.  We operate in a AAAHC nationally accredited state of the art surgical facility with a 100% safety record. You can choose a hospital setting  also.  Should any revisions be required, these are done at no cost to you as it involves anesthesia, facility, and surgical fees. This applies even if you need general anesthesia. This is not the case with my competition in the US or Europe.  Our policy is fully spelled out in writing before any major surgery.  Most are minor procedures and can be combined with complimentary secondary fat grafting or another new surgical procedure.  We have an extensive DVD interactive FFS success handbook that you get a month before surgery in order to prepare you completely in the pre and postoperative periods.  No other surgeon provides this level of patient education.  In addition to regular pre and postoperative talks with Dr Zukowski,  and daily visits with him if you are recovering at a local hotel, he has not one, but two RN nurses that interface with you both before and after surgery to insure that you are your best prepared before surgery and that your recovery is speedy.  Our staff is available to you 24 hours a day by different technology mediums.  All postoperative patients are given Dr. Zukowski's cell phone number to contact him personally with any concerns. Our surgical quotes to you are all inclusive of surgical fees, implant fees, anesthesia fees and nursing and facility fees.  You will never face hidden costs at our facility.  We offer the best pricing for the highest quality of care and outcomes that can achieved.  This is peace of mind especially in this economy.