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Yes, I had surgery with Dr -------- many years ago, I thought the results were good at the time. Later on I began having some headaches and I discovered he had left a lot of wires and metal in the sinus area, I also underwent a second FFS with Dr Zukowski years later, and I have to say, meeting with Dr Zukowski changed the way I felt about the surgery in San Francisco, completely, like Zukowski pointed out, my chin was way too long and big in relation to my jaw (he said I looked like Jay Leno, the talk show host, he has a biiiiig chin!:), and he was right in fact, plus my nose were quite big too (in fact looking at pics I saw the difference after having surgery with Dr -------- and the minimal change in certain areas, and it left my face a bit unproportional, mostly he changed the forehead the most and the jaw (on the sides). 

So, I wanted to talk to Dr -------- again after the surgery about the headaces and possibility of taking the metal out (of my forehead) and a second revision to my nose specifically. After he replied to the email where he said it would be a big surgery taking all the metal out, I went on writing him a second email asking about the nose and how much he would charge for such a preocedure (taking the metal out), and then, I heard nothing, so I sent another email, asking him politely about it again, but to my horror he completely ignored me, I emailed them twice afterwards (politely) about my prior emails, both to -------- (his assistant) and Dr -------- personal email, but I never heard from them again.

I've also talked to two other patients (that I got to know when while staying in San Francisco of Dr --------),, and they had the same experience with him!, like me, he cut them off after the surgery, communication wise, and they also had to do several revisions to their face (because they felt like me, the results were minimal!), so to me, well, that makes Dr -------- a real jerk, and I suspect he has done that to most of his patients (!), and it's probably hundreds or people, and you can only imagine the kind of money he takes in from all that surgery, what a greedy jerk! pardon my french, but that is such an incredibly rude and disrespectful way of treating people, trans or not! :(

So I think the bottom line is, in regards to Dr --------, after surgey he more or less doesn't care about you at all, (even if he's a fantastic person up front, very polite, attentive and gentle, much more so than Dr Zukowski who can be quite direct and has a much less wamer personality up front, (and he talks like crazy, so get in there, interrupt him and say what you want, cause he's not going to wait for you, let him know what you think and don't be afraid to be blunt or speak your mind when meeting DrZ, he's a toughie and can seem aggressive and direct, but he has a heart of gold and really cares and respects his patients in a whole other way than Dr -------- ever did!, 

I think the reason you should choose Zukowski is mostly that he never tries to get more money out of you, (like most Dr's out there!),and the way he attends and sees to his patients, and follows up on their stay, their recovery and, well, everything, (he was in every day at the hotel to see me,), and that is quite remarkable, now his personality may seem a bit tough and abrasive at first, I've heard people referring to him as a 'car salesman', but the truth is, he's always very professional and never tries to manipulate you in any way, he's straight about results (never lies or manipulates you to believe you can get amazing results if it's not possible) and you always know what you're in for,

It's the second time now Ive had surgery with him and Im thrilled about the results,, I can't even begin to compare them with the results I had in San Franciso, like with so many other patients those results were, well,minimal, and DrZ's results, well, I couldn't believe them at first, they were a world better than anything Dr -------- could come up with,(plus Dr -------- charged me like 32 thousand dollars,, no kidding, and DrZ were under half the price and all revisions or corrections, if you ever need them, is competely free,(and I know other patients of his who have had free revisions, so that is nothing I belive, that's something I've seen several times (he's done several fat grafts completely free when I came in the second time),

So my advice, stay clear of Dr --------, he might have been one of the best during his golden era (like ten years ago), but today, his techniques and surgery is very old fashion and out of date! (plus he must be almost 80 or something now, what on earth is he still hanging around for, that guy should be retired a long time ago! :(

Thanks, and let me know if you have any more questions,, feel free to contact me again,