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Hi Jennifer,

It's a pleasure to meet you! I will give you my personal opinion/experience.  I had my SRS/Breast augmentation in January 2007.  It was done by Dr. -------- in Thailand.  I don't know too much about Dr.-------- so, I can't speak about his work.

The SRS was a great experience for me. The results have been beyond all my expectations. I would and have recommended Dr. -------- to several friends. In my opinion Thailand is the best place for SRS.

I decided to also have Dr. -------- do my breast augmentation at the same time as my SRS. I also decided to let the doctor choose the correct size of implant that would best fit my body type.  He chose 500cc implants that were too small for my body type and he also recommended silicone (cohesive type) and he placed the incision in the armpit area. The scar was long and it took about a year before it blended in.

After it healed I realized that my left breast appeared to be smaller than the right side and I had some numbness in both breast. The numbness lasted over a year before it returned to normal. I communicated my concerns to the doctor and he was sympathetic but due to the expense and distance, I decided to just live with the issues.

In 2009 I had FFS with Dr. Zukowski. I loved those results and the whole experience with Dr. Zukowski that decided to go back this past March and have him fix my breast. It's been approximately 3 weeks since my surgery and I'm extremely happy with the results.  I don't have any numbness, the breast are the same size and I can't see the scar!!!

Dr. Zukowski removed the old implants and realized that like a large percentage of women my breast were asymmetric. Dr. -------- fail to correct the problem. He placed the same size implants which fail to correct the problem.

I chose saline implants this time. Having had both types, I can definitely tell you that I prefer Saline. They feel more natural to me. My right side is 710cc and the left is 770cc.

I hope this information helps you, if you have any further questions please don't hesitate to ask. You can email me or call me. I wish you the best of luck!

Warm regards,

Lisa :)