The following are a series of technical descriptions of the procedures that may be suggested to you in my consultation letter and quote. Please do not hesitate to contact our office to speak to either Dr. Zukowski or his nurses or surgical coordinator in order to clarify any of the procedures in your quote, to compare his quotes to others, or to talk to any of his patients.

Our goal at The Zukowski Center is to make you the most educated consumer you can be and understand why we think our approach to FFS is the best available of any facility in the world.  We have a proven track record of results having worked aggressively with the gender community since 1998. Very few FFS surgeons can make this claim.

Dr Zukowski and his staff at the Zukowski Center are renowned worldwide for being the best in FFS Facial Feminization Surgery. Based in Chicago America, Mark Zukowski is recognized within the transgender community as being the best.

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