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Brazilian Butt Lift

The Brazilian butt lift is a great technique  that combines the latest techniques of liposuction – that of traditional liposuction as well as ultrasonic assisted liposuction to maximize removal of fat.  In turn, this fat is reinjected into the buttocks and hip region in order to be able to give a nice feminine contour to the buttocks and hips.  When one looks at the male body, you will tend to find more fat distributed in the flanks and love handles region as well as the lower abdominal area.  Typically what happens is one liposuctions using traditional techniques using a sequenced series of hollow tubes of different diameters that you pass thru the fat removing tunnels of fat allowing  the tissues to collapse on down and shrink.  One liposuctions from the rib cage to the pubic area in front, in the flank region as well as the back from below the bra line to above to buttocks crease.  By liposuctioning in this circular fashion, if an individual gains or loses weight, they will gain or lose weight proportionately.  Traditional liposuction is able to remove the fat in a very atraumatic manner which optimizes the degree of take of this fluffy fat in the buttocks region.  Ultrasonic techniques are then used to literally melt the fat away and feather the area allowing one to better contour and remove remaining fat to get the best shape that one could achieve.  The fat is then gravitationally allowed to separate the fat from the oils and liquids.  The fat is then infused in a technique that allows small tunnels of crisscrossing fat to enhance the buttocks region overall as well as the hollows one finds in the outside buttocks and the areas of the hips.  Because you are injecting fat into fat, you get only a 30% loss of buttocks volume overall, and it’s a real nice way to put “junk in the trunk.”  Typically a patient wears a liposuction garment for a 4- to 6-week period postoperatively.  This is well hidden under one’s clothes.  This procedure really is an extremely gratifying procedure to enable one’s body to optimally achieve an hour glass shape with a very nice buttocks projection.  This is also a very typical procedure used in African-American and Hispanic genetic female patients, since a nice round buttocks is considered a very sensuous area and having these curves is ideal for individuals of that heritage.

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