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Fat Grafting for Buttock

The fat grafting to the buttocks is the key component part to the Brazilian butt lift.  What one typically does is to liposuction from the ribcage below the breasts in the front down to the pubic area, the flanks on the side as well as the back from the bra line down to the buttocks crease.  This area is contoured so that should a patient decide to gain or lose weight, they will gain or lose in an appropriate fashion.  When it comes to fat grafting, the same rules apply.  A collection system is set up that allows a gravitational settling of the fat with a separation of oils and liquids and bioactive fat.  The bioactive fat is transferred through a tunneling technique that allows micro tunnels of fat in numerous geometric and crisscrossing patterns to enhance the volume of the buttocks as well as to fill the side and hip area.  This is an excellent technique that allows one to preserve over 70% of the fat in the area with only about 30% of the fat reabsorbing.  Fat likes to be in a similar environment, and there are no real restrictions in the postop period, as it is virtually impossible to prevent sitting on your buttocks in any fashion.  A compression garment is placed.  To certain ethnicities, such as Hispanic and African-American cultures, a full, round buttocks is considered a very sexual and sensuous area of a woman’s body.

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