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Masseter Muscle Reduction

Jaw Body / Angle / Masseter Muscle Reduction

Dr Zukowski and his staff at the Zukowski Center are renowned worldwide for being the best in FFS Facial Feminization Surgery. Based in Chicago America, Mark Zukowski is recognized within the transgender community as being the best.When one looks at the area of the central jaw as well as the jaw angle and masseter muscle, one needs to appreciate the balance of this area after the chin has been made smaller.  It is important to understand that this anatomic configuration together with the chin goes into the determination of femininity for the lower face and neck.  When you look at a woman, you tend to look at the beauty of her eyes, cheeks, eyebrows, the nose and the midface before you look to the lower face and neck.  It is important that this be balanced as a cosmetic unit.  Heavy jaw angles make the face more square.  Especially those patients with Asian or Northern and Eastern European heritage will indeed appreciate the width of their jaw angles and size of their chins being more commensurate with the males of that ethnicity and not the females.  Certainly for some, a heavier feature in this area, like Sophia Loren, is not a bad thing.  However, it is better to err on a smaller, more proportionate feminine size to these structures.  Through an inside the mouth incision using a high speed burr, you are able to burr down thru both the central neck incision as well as thru the intraoral incision the midbody of the jaw as well as the jaw angle in a 3-dimensional fashion both along its lower border as well as along the sides and curve of the angle.  The masseter muscle is that very heavy muscle that attaches around the jaw angle and goes to the cheekbone.  You can feel this best when you open your mouth wide and move your jaw.  It’s important to understand that the bulk of this muscle contributes to the bulk of the bone in an addictive manner so that correcting both of them lead to the most effective rounding out to the lower face and bringing the balance of the lower face into feminine proportions.  Specifically, one trims down the inner surface that sits against the bone edge of the masseter muscle in a fashion almost like trimming meat for a gyros sandwich.  One is very careful to split any muscle along the lines of the muscle bundles and to do it in a fashion to leave good uniformity to the muscle and adequate anatomic thickness.  The combination of this procedure together with a chin procedure as well as trachea and central neck gives the best degree of rejuvenation to one’s face as well as putting this critical area into the proper balance of the femininity that falls within your family genes as well as your ethnicity.

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