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Multi Plane Face Lift

Dr Zukowski and his staff at the Zukowski Center are renowned worldwide for being the best in FFS Facial Feminization Surgery. Based in Chicago America, Mark Zukowski is recognized within the transgender community as being the best.Face lifting has a number of different components to it.  In its most simple form, you take the skin and pull it tight and remove excess skin, and the skin scars down to the underlying layers.  We have come to understand over the last 20 years that there are many components to a face lift.  There is not only the skin, but there is the layer underneath which is a fibro fatty layer.  It is important to liposuction this layer so that when the skin is pulled tight the interface between this skin and the underlying tissues scars down.  There is a layer referred to as the SMAS which is a layer that sits on top of the parotid gland in front of the ear and in the neck region.  It is very important to tighten this layer to get a good lateral tightening and to reduce the fullness of the tissues in the area in front of the ear as well as underneath the ear.  It is also important with feminization procedures to be able to contour the bone foundations.  Like the foundation of your house, it is very important to have a good feminine foundation to your face.  However, no one ever sees the foundation after the remainder of the house is put on it.  This is very similar to the tissues in your face.  It is very important after contouring the bone to effectively shrink wrap the platysma muscle, or neck muscle, of the lower face and neck tight around the new bone configuration.  This is typically done with sutures of both a dissolving and non-dissolving nature that in effect create a corset tightening of this very important neck muscle layer.  On top of this layer is liposuction and direct excision of fat so that when skin is pulled tight it’s able to scar down to the muscle layer which is then shrunk wrapped around the bone.  This area of the neck is a very difficult area to fix in males.  To create a good, long-lasting, feminine concavity can be difficult.  It’s also important to resect enough of the skin out underneath the chin in an elliptical fashion in order to remove this layer and make it tight as possible.

There are numerous face lifts such as a minimal scar face lift which is best for a patient in the 20s and early 30s.  This allows the skin to shrink wrap to a new internal contour of the neck using an incision behind the ear.  A number of different suspension sutures are used to be able to gain good contour to the neck such that tissue can then shrink down around it and scar down to this new neck contour.  There are variances to full facelifts which traditionally put incisions both in front of the ear as well as behind the ear.  There is what is referred to as a retroauricular variant that makes a full incision behind the ear and into the hairline but brings around the incision in front of the ear only up the point of the ear canal.  This is a lift for an individual of more an intermediate age in their mid 30s and early 40s.  One can most effectively tighten the skin of the lower face and jaw line as well as that of the neck.  A full face lift of the skin typically involves an incision that goes from the temporal hairline completely in front of the ear following the natural creases and then goes behind the ear and the natural creases ending up in the hair bearing segment behind the ear. This is the most extensive of all procedures.  Typically the dissection is carried out to the laugh lines (nasolabial folds) in the mid face and lower face and involve all the tissues over the jaw and neck region.  This is the most comprehensive lift and is typically used on people who are in their mid 40s and older.  The neck concavity is the one area that in both males and females one will potentially have to repeat this operation with time and with aging.  The remainder of the face generally remains pretty stable.  Factors such as ethnicity, skin tone as well as sun damage and dryness to the skin have a great part to play in skin quality and aging.  When genetic male skin is subjected to cosmetics and foundation, typically a lot of pores get plugged and result in often times bumpy skin that adds to a texture problem.  In all cases, people should look to good skin care products that exfoliate and remove dead skin as well as enhance the collegan and elastic components of the skin to get the best overall condition to your newly lifted face.  No good, self-respecting female these days does not treat her skin over the age of 40 with some type of product lines designed to optimize texture, feel and tightness as well as hydration to the skin.

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