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Rhinoplasty and Septoplasty

 Dr Zukowski and his staff at the Zukowski Center are renowned worldwide for being the best in FFS Facial Feminization Surgery. Based in Chicago America, Mark Zukowski is recognized within the transgender community as being the best.This is a cosmetic procedure that is very key as the nose is the central focus of the face.  I typically do almost 99% of these procedures “closed” through an internal nasal incision.  Open procedures leave an unwanted scar and are rarely needed by the sophisticated rhinoplasty surgeon.  It is necessary to change the whole 3-dimensional structure of your nose ultimately insuring that your breathing will be maintained.  When one technically looks at the nose, the goal is to make smaller the cartilage as well as the bone structure of the nose allowing the skin to then shrink wrap over the nose.  It is important to reduce the width of what is referred to as the “lower lateral cartilages” which make up the contour and shape and projection of the tip of one’s nose.  It is important to further reduce the “upper lateral cartilages” in a fashion that matches the new contour to the lower tip of your nose.  Finally the bony nasal vault, in most cases, needs to be fractured in order to make this structure smaller and proportional to the changes that were made to both the tip and middle part of the nose.  In rhinoplasty, a few millimeters of change make a very significant impact.

It is very important, through manipulation of the internal septum (the center strut of the nose), to insure that it is straight as well as the turbinates reduced which have been referred to as the “humidifiers of the nose” and have some regulation in airway flow.  In addition, in some ethnic noses, particularly African-American, it is important to look also at how the base of the nostril flairs as they meet the cheek and upper lip.  We can, through what is called a “Weir excision,” change the way the nostril flairs.  It is important to insure that as one changes the external shape that the internal functional airway flow is kept normal.  Typically, rhinoplasty is an area of great individuality, and I work to make your new feminine nose beautifully match your face.  A Hispanic nose is very different from a Caucasian nose is very different from an Asian nose is very different from an African-American nose.

This is a procedure that most average plastic surgeons have difficulty with.  Rhinoplasty is an area of great expertise and interest for me.  I trained with Dr. Peter McKinney at Northwestern University in the late 80s and early 90s when he was in his prime and was recognized as one of the premier rhinoplasty surgeons in the world.  I have had the chance to operate with Dr. Gilbert Aiche from Paris, France, and he is recognized as a renowned international authority in rhinoplasty.  While in the Navy, I had the opportunity to perform over 500 rhinoplasty procedures in a 6-year period which most surgeons don’t perform in a lifetime.

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