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Upper Lip Lift

When one performs an upper lip lift, this is typically a procedure that is complimentary to a feminizing rhinoplasty/septoplasty.  As one works to shorten the nose and change the 3-dimensional aspect of the nose to “shrink” it to a more feminine proportion, this usually results in the upper lip – that distance between the bottom of the nose and the red of the lip – looking longer.  Therefore, a very complimentary procedure to a rhinoplasty is called a vertical lip lift in that one makes a gull wing incision at the base of the nose and through this gull wing incision that wraps along the alar base and bottom of the nose one is able to reduce the amount of vertical skin therefore giving more show to the red of one’s lip.  It also balances the lip such that the nose to lip ratio is appropriate for a female.  This is an incision that is well hidden.  Also, I will typically use fat graft to further plump the red of the lip giving it a nice, female pout and making it more kissable.

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